Diesel Service Maaskant
Deltahaven 40
3251 LC Stellendam
the Netherlands

T +31 (0)187 491477

Cleaning coolers, engine parts and all other miscellaneous components.

To expand our business we have started to clean engine parts and coolers. We are now even taking this a step further by becoming a fully-fledged partner which is specialized in the cleaning of coolers, pipelines, (engine) parts etc. For this purpose we acquired, various modern equipment and employed  a specialist who is skilled to clean and where necessary repair your coolers.

Combining craftsmanship with the right equipment we can make sure that your coolers are returned to you as soon as possible. Completely cleaned, pressure tested where necessary and provided with new parts if required. We can even bring the parts back on board.

Below a short summary of coolers which we are able to clean and repair:
Pipe coolers
Plate coolers
Box coolers
Lube oil coolers
Fuel coolers
After coolers